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Jay Gendron Biography

Jay W. Gendron, Esq.

As a former executive in business affairs and legal affairs at Warner Bros. and supplemental legal staff for Showtime and other media companies for more than two decades, Jay Gendron (he/him/his) brings an insider's perspective to his work with clients.

His expertise is a tremendous asset for teaching and refining negotiation skills with attorneys and non-attorneys. 

Jay spent more than 20 years at Warner Bros. Television, most recently as Vice President of Business Affairs, where he served as the primary point person for negotiations for writers, producers, directors and actors for the world's largest supplier of primetime scripted television.

Prior to that, he was Vice President of Legal Affairs, where he oversaw all legal aspects of production, rights acquisitions, co-production agreements, distribution agreements, negotiation/drafting of contracts, and garnered court approval of minors' contracts. He also drafted seminal development, license and termination agreements for The WB network.

In his work in the entertainment industry, Jay earned a reputation for being both tough and fair - and he excelled in developing and maintaining excellent relationships throughout the industry.

Jay's work with The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc., focuses on helping leaders understand options for negotiating and making deals and decisions that promote ongoing relationships while still protecting the interests of their business.

Jay is Director of the Entertainment and the Arts Legal Clinic and Associate Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

He holds a B.A. in Government/International Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and a J.D. from Duke University. He was Phi Beta Kappa. Jay is admitted to the California State Bar.

Jay and his husband, figure skater, coach, author, and actor Randy Gardner, live in the Los Angeles area. 

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