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Jeanne Jones Biography

Jeanne Jones

Jeanne Jones (she/her/hers) brings a wealth of experience to her work as a facilitator and communication specialist and coach. Coming out of college with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Music Education, Jeanne went on to become a successful Broadway actress.

During her prolific acting career, she transferred her performance skills to the business world, working extensively as a corporate spokesperson in industrial events and training films for major Fortune 500 companies.

Jeanne has fully transitioned to the business world, bringing a dynamic blend of business acumen and experience, humor, sensitivity, and energy to her work - helping her to motivate clients to realize their full potential.

She has served on faculties at the University of Northern Iowa, Dean College, and Houston Baptist University,  and has lectured throughout the United States as a clinician in the education field.  In addition, she has held management positions with event planning and large nonprofit organizations in the NYC area.  

With her diverse background, including a superior focus on voice and speech, the impact of communication, and an in-depth understanding of transformative adult learning, Jeanne has coached literally thousands of executives on their public speaking skills, executive presence, and relationship-management techniques.

Jeanne has consulted and coached in a myriad of industries, including finance, law, health care, pharmaceuticals, technology, and professional services. Jeanne facilitates large seminars, small group workshops, and private coaching sessions at some of the world’s leading companies.

Some of Jeanne's career highlights include:

  • Keynote Speaker, Music Educators National and State Conferences

  • Sesquicentennial Celebration at historic NYC landmark: Wrote, directed and coached speakers in a multi-faceted event to raise awareness across metropolitan area media outlets

  • Co-Managed the Education program at the 2,000-member Marble Collegiate Church in NYC, and expanded the program three-fold by creating new curriculum and programming, cultivating a staff  training platform,  and developing lay leadership
  • Initiated an annual fund raising event to benefit non-profits in New York's Hudson Valley; Developed concept, recruited volunteers, handled PR, and coordinated all elements

Certifications: Mind Gym Academy Coach of Distinction; ProComm Presentation Skills Coach;  Exec/Comm Executive Presentation and Meeting Skills Trainer/Coach

Jeanne holds a B.S. in Music Education, magna cum laude, from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Music Education from the University of Northern Iowa.

Jeanne and her husband, Rev. Terrence O'Brien, live just outside New York City with their teenage daughter. In addition to her corporate consulting, she is an active leader in her husband's congregation, focusing on music and arts events, as well as educational and cultural programming for youth and adults, alike.

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