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Unparalleled Executive and Organizational Development

Our Commitment to You

Confidentiality and Ethics

Coaching, Consulting, Facilitation, and Training are all based on trust. In your world, confidentiality is key. We pledge the following to all our clients and inquiries:

  • We will keep confidential all information acquired or gleaned about your business except that which you have placed in the public domain through public relations, advertising, marketing, or other such announcements

  • We will hold as confidential the content of any and all discussions held as part of one-on-one or group coaching; In cases where we are engaged by another party to coach an individual or group, we will maintain confidentiality of the coaching discussions, while providing check-in opportunities with the person(s) who engaged us. General trends and progress will be discussed in these check-ins, but the content of the coaching discussions remains confidential.

  • We will execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement with any and all of our clients at their request.

  • We have rigorous standards for maintenance of electronic information and computer usage, including multi-factor authentication, encrypted backups, and a full set of data security policies and procedures designed to keep each client's information private and separate from others.

  • Our code of ethics requires that should we discover any conflict of interest, we will immediately disclose such conflict and work with you to determine and take appropriate action.

  • Our code of ethics further requires that we break confidentiality should we discover information which leads us to believe that a coaching client(s) may cause harm to him/herself and/or others - or that the coaching client(s) is/are engaging in illegal activities.

  • We will not engage in any work or incur any charges without express written permission, including a signed Agreement, Contract, Statement of Work or other document as required by the client, as well as a Purchase Order if required by client.

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