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Our Services

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With experience in many industries - and organizations of all sizes - we pride ourselves on being able to provide high-quality services to meet your needs. Click here to schedule a free, confidential video call with Mitch Lippman to discuss solutions to hep you meet your goals.

Business Coaching:
Executives and Teams
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One-on-one Executive Coaching helps individuals develop self-awareness without self-consciousness, to meet individual and business goals through maximizing and optimizing the individual’s innate strengths and authentic behavior combined with identifying and addressing needs.

The simple “Stop/Start/Continue” paradigm, identification of role models, mindfulness, and a continued focus on the Impact of one's behavior form the basis for both discussion and “homework” throughout ongoing Coaching sessions.

Team Coaching can help intact teams work better together, move through change and/or conflict, and become more cohesive and effective. Team coaching for non-intact teams can foster a better working environment and address issues as varied as improved communication, understanding larger business goals, fostering Diversity & Inclusion, and improving customer service and the quality of products and services.

The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc., is founded on the principles and structure of the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program, and the rigorous ethical standards of both Columbia University and the ICF.

Some anticipated goals for Executive Coaching can be:

  • Better Impact as a Leader

  • Improved Communication Skills

  • Creating a More Productive Workplace Culture

  • Increased/Improved Executive Presence

  • Understanding and Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices as Business-Success Factors

  • Preparation for Promotion

  • Identification and Reduction of Career-Inhibiting Behaviors

  • Working through Transitions and Adapting to Change

Some anticipated goals for Team Coaching can be:

  • Improved Communication

  • Better Team Performance

  • Increased Cooperation

  • Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

  • Aligning Around Business Goals

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

Expert Facilitation:
Off-sites and Other Meetings
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We provide expert, customized facilitation for all sorts of business needs, including

  • Off-Site Meetings

  • Business Planning Meetings

  • Sales Meeting with Clients

  • Brain-Storming Sessions

  • Idea Selection and Implementation Sessions
  • Relationship-Developing Meetings with Clients

  • New-Team Alignment Sessions

  • Regularly scheduled Team Meetings

  • Meetings to address Team Conflict

  • Planning Meetings with Clients
  • Post-M&A Conflict Resolution

And almost any other meetings you may require for your business. 

We work with you to develop engaging experiential learning activities designed to support and foster the goals of the meeting. As facilitators, we offer insights and help attendees make better decisions, come to a clear understanding, and move forward toward success.

We take great pride in our success helping our clients identify clear, achievable deliverables and action items, as well as helpful and specific artifacts related directly to the goals of the meeting  - for every session we facilitate.

We believe the facilitator’s primary role is to create a structured and safe environment for sharing ideas, providing feedback, innovating, and moving toward solutions/resolutions.

We help our clients hold teams accountable to commitments made during meetings through follow-up sessions and check-ins - so the progress made in the meeting continues, rather than faltering or back-sliding.

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Training Programs:
Skills and Best Practices

For imparting new Skills and Methods, establishing and sharing Best Practices, and setting Expectations, The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc., offers training in many areas, including:

  • Management/Leadership Skills and Best Practices

  • Effective Delegation

  • Providing Helpful Feedback

  • Having Challenging Conversations

  • Communication Skills

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Sales Training

  • Interviewing and Hiring Best Practices

  • DISC - Communications Styles at Work

  • Presentation Skills

  • Time Management and Productivity

  • Team Development/Team Dynamics

  • Networking and Relationship-Development Skills
  • Providing Exceptional Service

  • Business Etiquette

  • Business Writing
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Custom Programs:
Based on Your  Needs

In addition to providing 360 and other Assessments, we can work with you to create custom programs to meet your Individual, Team, and/or Organizational Needs and Goals. Click here to schedule a free, confidential call with Mitch Lippman to discuss solutions we can create.

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Coaching for Individuals:
Career and other Topics

In addition to our work for organizations and companies, many individuals reach out to us to engage us directly.

If you're looking to make a change for yourself - whether it's developing a new career path, improving your skills at your current position, discovering your strengths and potential derailers, addressing some behaviors that may be hindering your career growth, preparing for a promotion and more responsibility, or even rediscovering your passion and creativity - let us coach you to help you achieve your goals!

We've worked with many individuals, including senior business executives wanting to make a career move, individuals who want to get into a new industry, and college students and recent graduates on how to network and find their first job out of school. We've helped people prep for interviews, gear up to give a presentation, and learn how to ask for - and handle - more responsibility at work. 

Click here to schedule a free, confidential call with Mitch Lippman to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Unique Offerings:
Additional Development 
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We offer expertise that many others don't.

These topics are offered to help aspiring and existing leaders develop and refine skills and behaviors. Unless otherwise specified, these are designed for one-on-one coaching focus and can be included in any coaching engagement - some at an additional fee.

  • Voice and Speech for Leaders - Including Accent Reduction, Pronunciation, Grammar, Finding Your Natural Leadership Voice, and other Voice and Speech Work
  • Presenting Yourself as a Leader - How Clothing Changes Sense of Self

  • Mindfulness for Work-Life Balance and Increased Joy

  • Preparing a Cogent Argument - Putting Together a Winning Pitch​

  • Financial Acumen for Non-Finance Leaders

  • Negotiating Like a Lawyer - for Non-Lawyers (best as a group class series)

  • Leading Successful Virtual Meetings

  • Managing Teams Remotely

  • Storytelling, Narrative Structure, and their Impact on Business Communications (best as a group class series)

  • Increasing Creativity and Imagination at Work (can be one-on-one or as a class series)

  • Leadership Role Models in Film and Television

If you have any questions about any of these offerings, please click here to schedule a free, confidential video call with Mitch Lippman.

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