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Unparalleled Executive and Organizational Development


The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc. specializes in Business Performance Consulting: Helping individuals and organizations achieve their professional goals through one-on-one executive coaching, expert facilitation, team coaching, and training programs.

Mitch Lippman

Mitch Lippman

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We are back to on-site facilitation, consulting, team coaching, and training - based on local laws and company/building policies.

And, of course, we can still handle many of your facilitation, consulting, and training needs virtually.

As always, the majority of our ongoing one-on-one coaching is done remotely.

If you're looking to begin an executive or team coaching engagement sponsored by your organization, we recommend an initial on-site discovery and kick-off visit - depending on local laws and policies. This is how we initiated organization-sponsored engagements pre-COVID, and we find it's very valuable to experience the work environment as part of starting a coaching engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide expert assistance to individuals and organizations to help them meet their business goals through inquiry, exploration, skills, and knowledge. 

Our Philosophy

Based on years of experience in many business areas, The Mitch Lippman Group, Inc., focuses on expanding individuals’ and teams’ awareness of their workplace behavior and the impact of that behavior on working relationships, work quality, job satisfaction, quality, and success.

This includes mindfulness and thinking strategically and critically.

We believe in helping our clients tap into each person's unique, innate knowledge, creativity, and strengths to find their way through business challenges and opportunities.

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